Friday, 5 April 2013

LIMA 2013 Day 7: Departure for home

I left Langkawi on Monday 1st April. It was probably a better day to do so; I was told that the airport and ferry terminals were both jam-packed on Sunday, it being both the finish for LIMA plus the end of the weeklong school holidays.

I had a walk round Kuah Town, with a look at the seafront; it was just as pretty as I last remembered it.

The Jetty Point Shopping Centre

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Eagle Square

Kuah waterfront

Approach to Eagle Square

I decided to walk into the Lagenda Park

Unfortunately, as it was the end of the Bone-Dry season, the water features had been dried out too!

Heading back to the airport:

The welcome arch, now yesterday's news

An example of the welcome banners all throughout Langkawi

The C-17, the Omega Tanker and the Russian Knights were still on the tarmac

Last look at some beautiful machines

And them, we were off, on the journey back home.

Till LIMA 2015.

I'll be back.

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