Saturday, 15 June 2013

LONDON - The Changing Of The Guard 15-6-13

This takes place all through summer. The first place to view some of it is at Wellington Barracks on Birdcage Walk at 1100, the proceed to the front of Buckingham Palace at 1130. The Tube station for access is St James's Park.

The skies on the day we went (14-6-13) were pretty grey and fully overcast. Still, we were there to enjoy the precision and the spectacle.


A morning trot up Birdcage Walk

This is the barracks charged with Palace protection. They also have an expert marching band and contingents of soldiers in their pathogmonic red tunics and tall bearskin hats. They play several numbers before they march out and exchange places with the Palace Guard.

Here's a video of the musical...

The royal crest


The crowds await the Changing of the Guards

It seems there is a sequence:

The Wellington Barracks contingent marches towards the Palace from the barracks until the gate on the far left of the palace.

There is then a ceremony within the Palace grounds, as the guard duty is handed over.

The ceremony within

Mounted Horsg Guards pass outside

Then, around noon, the troops leave from the centre gate in two directions: one towards Wellington Barracks, and the other contingent marching up The Mall towards Horse Guards Parade.

Changeover finished. Open the gates and let's get home


The bagpipers turn left.

Sign within palace grounds

There was an Investiture in progress- part of the Queen's birthday honours

The great and the good leaving the party

Someone's pickup motor is a stretch limo.

The guards are left to guard

There are the watchful eyes of the constabulary, too.
See you tomorrow.

All the while, the heavens kept teasing, with little rain droplets falling to remind you that This Is London.

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