Wednesday, 5 June 2013


In London at the moment.

Plan to travel to Cosford on Sunday to catch the big airshow there

The participants in the flying and static displays are listed here:

After a dreadful 5 months, the weather in the UK has opened up to blazing blue skies, of a sort that I have not seen over an extended period.

Just as my recollections of Langkawi centre on "Hot Hot Hot", my memories of London are usually of "Grey Grey Grey" and "Drizzling". So arriving in London to blazing sunshine is quite unexpected. Brits will go anywhere for sunshine. Even to Afghanistan.

Cloud cover: Nil!!!

Canary Wharf

London's newest landmark- The Shard

I don't think I have a picture anywhere like this in my collection on Tower Bridge. Not a cloud in sight!

Two well-trained chaps who will stop you...

--- at the entrance to this street.

Here's hoping for great weather on Sunday.

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