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I have not flown into Subang aytime lately, as I normally use KLIA to  get in and out of the capital. So, this was a unique trip. The last time I  travelled on a prop aircraft was back in 1982 (a Fokker Friendship, which I remembered being spectacularly noisy and prone to vibration, to put it mildly). The Firefly ATR-72 was quite the opposite; it was quiet, smooth and comfortable. Ah, what 30 years of progress in aviation can do.

Firefly Airlines ATR-72

I took the 0830 flight from JB, which landed at Subang at 0920. Blazing hot weather with minimal cloud cover. Wonderful!

The weather forecast for Subang Airport is here:

Subang Control Tower

Subang Skypark Terminal

Well, they call the terminal building the "Skypark." At least the branding guys have  given their input.

A covered overhead bridge accessible from Level 2 takes you to a massive car park on the opposite side of the access highway. Despite being one of the oldest airports in the country, there are no rail links to the city centre, and no convenient coach links. Either drive and park, or take a taxi.

Main lobby of Subang Airport

The terminal is in two levels- the upper level is essentially offices.

There seems to be a flightdeck simulator available!

The ground floor is dedicated to food, food and more food:

I do not think hunger is a word associated with the Subang airport terminal.

A more detailed guide to the airport can be found here:

Banner announcing the airshow

While I was under the impression that it was only a display by the Breitling team, it seemed that the organisers had gotten together a mini-airshow, with doors open at 10AM.

You bought a ticket for RM10, and entered the show area:

Subang Airshow entrance

Official programme

There were a few aircraft on static display.

Helicopters from the local flight school

Fairchild Metro support aircraft for the Breitling team

And, of course, the stars of the show:

The Breitling Jet Aerobatic Team at Subang, 16-3-13

I managed to get a wonderful spot at the crowd barrier, at what was show centre.

A video of the airshow site:

The Subang runway is angled at 33/15, and the crowd line was parallel to the runway. I was facing down bearing 240, and the sun was behind my back. Perfect! The view forward was essentially unobstructed.

You could see the pilots and passengers getting aboard

Conditions were so good, you could make a movie of it.

The display by the Breitling team began at 1100h.

Taxiing out

Massed takeoff


As they were formating on the western edge of the airport after takeoff, I captured an unusual object juxtaposed with  the 7 aircraft - anyone else caught it?

Breitling Jet team display begins

Smoke On!

And now, a word from your sponsor...

Apache Roll

The final setpiece- break with flare ejection

Taxiing back

The fans get right up close

As the Breitling team was landing, Captain Les Voraswarthy took to the air in his Extra 300L to give a sterling display. Unfortunately, not too many people were playing attention as the crowd had headed towards where the Breitling team's L-39s were parked.

Taxiing out


Captain Les waves hello

Head-on dive


The Kris Sakti aerobatic team landed at 1040h, before the Breitling display started. They were scheduled to display at 1600h, according to the official programme. As I had budgeted just up to 1300h for my sojourn at Subang, I had  to leave. Anyway, at 1600h, the light would be into our faces at the crowd line- hardly ideal for photography.

However, in a sudden unannounced plan change, Kris Sakti took to the air at 1400h instead, and from all accounts gave a marvellous performance.

Kris Sakti flies in

Kris Sakti flies in

Kris Sakti flies in

Kris Sakti flies in

Kris Sakti flies in

I couldn't get any shots of the team as they parked line abreast near the Breitling team, as I did not want to forsake my plum spot at show centre.

Other aircraft sighted were the three used for joyrides

Helistar's Eurocopter EC-120B

Air Adventure's Cessna 172

Air Adventure's Cessna 172

Well, that was my day at Subang. Hope LIMA 2013 has weather just like it!


The Breitling team's display

Extra 300L aerobatic display

Other aircraft movements

The Subang Airshow Static Display

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