Friday, 22 March 2013


 The players start arriving, from all over the world:

From the Scramble messageboard:

19th March:

Omega 10 DC-10 with what should be 2x F/A-18F into Anderson today,these should continue tomorrow of the following day here.

From the Langkawi Tower Facebook page:

21 March:

They've landed.

From the Scramble messageboard:

18 mar 5 Russian Knights Su-27 departed Kubinka air force base with Il-76 ahead towards Langkawi.

Feom the Langkawi Tower Facebook page:

22nd March:

They've landed.

The static display starts to take shape.

It is not often a control tower keeps fans informed like this! My deepest appreciation to them.

They can be found at:

And it looks pretty sunny there, too.

This site is also publishing an update on aircraft arrivals:

The Russian Knights are rare sightings- they do not perform very often. This is their schedule for 2013:

It is even harder to find them in skies that are not polluted, under fine weather conditions.

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