Sunday, 24 March 2013

SEPANG FI 24-3-13

The other tribute to speed in Malaysia, the Sepang F1 race, kicks off in a few hours time. Last year when I attended, the race was halted for an hour, midway, due to a torrential thunderstorm. Which was not too bad, really. One German spectator I chatted with remarked just how unique the Malaysian GP was- that in all  the times he had been at the F1, it always managed to rain midway through the race, necessitating some quick tactical changes with regards to pitstopping, tyre changes, and gambling on when the safety car would make an appearance.

Thus, there is the possibility of capturing pictures not otherwise easy to obtain:

Rainy Sepang F1 25-3-12

I was told that capturing F1 cars wreathed in spray is like capturing fighters wreathed in vapour vortices.

Rainy Sepang F1 25-3-12

Amd, of course, there are withdrawals aplenty as the drivers skid into the gravel after misjudging the corners. Normally, no crashes. The drivers are extra-respectful of the wet.

The gear used to photograph the machines is exactly what you would use to photograph the airplanes at LIMA. You need a long lens, and being able to pan well is an advantage.  You can pre-focus on certain points in the track where momantum in one axis can become zero (like on sharp bends). Unlike aircraft, the cars really only move in two dimensions; the third dimension hugs the track.

The Brits are here!

As is British weather.

Rainy Sepang F1 25-3-12

Solid support

No guessing who won


Today's F1 has a sense of deja vu about it, as far as weather is concerned.

Cloud cover 75%?   Hmmmm.....

I decided that it would be too tiring to take in both the FI and LIMA this round... really didn't fancy the possibility of catching a cold before LIMA. The hot/dry and hot/wet conditions  takes a toll not only from the drivers and team, but on the spectators too! So, I know which one event I'm concentrating on for 2013. To all those who are at Sepang... keep dry and enjoy the sights.


I watched the show via a digital broadcast with the comfort of the air-conditioning at home. I thought it was just a bit excessive to head up to Sepang today, having just headed up to Subang ad hoc on 16-3-13 for the Breitling display.

Sebastian Vettel won, taking the top placing ahead of Mark Webber (both of Red Bull). They had such a fratricidal duel in the closing stages, Lewis Hamilton must have fancied his chances of blowing through two wrecked Red Bulls. In the end, however Hamilton took third place for the Mercedes team, as both Red Bulls crossed the finish line intact. Alonso lost his nose cone after a collision, and retired early.

The track was half wet and half dry from heavy rain prior to the race starting, which must have made race maneuvering just that bit more tricky. While there was 100% overcast, rendering parts of the track pretty gloomy, the rain held off during the race proper. It is an interesting observation that rain can fall  on only certain parts of the circuit and not on the rest, so large is the Sepang site!

There was a spectacularly loud thunderstorm where I was, while I was watching the race proceedings. The weather did not hold off at JB.

Vettel has won thrice now at Sepang, an honour he shares with Alonso and Schumacher.

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