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A new list was posted on the main LIMA website on 15-3-13. I have a copy here:

This can be compared with the list dated 14-1-13:

I do not have a copy the previous list of 5-2-13 (as that has been taken down before I saved one), but the main addition to the current list are the Russian Knights and their Il-76 support aircraft. A Malindo Air Boeing 737-400 will also  be attending.

What's on the Flying Display List:

Kris Sakti team- Extra 300L
RMAF MiG-29N Smokey Bandits
Dassault Rafale
Eurofighter Typhoon
Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet
RTAF Saab Gripen
TNI Jupiter areobatic team
Boeing C-17
Russian AF Russian Knights

To keep to time, now that there are 4 aerobatic display teams, the display  by the USAF F-16 has been dropped, as has the display by the Dornier 228. The Do-228 is not even on the static display list now!

However, even with those deletions, I think the display will be longer than what they anticipate. I presume the aerobatic teams will display for 20 minutes each, and the other six aircraft will take at least 10 minutes each. I think we are looking at a 2-hour show.

I do hope that the display will start by 11 am. In Langkawi, clouds can build up past 12 noon. The morning light is just the best, compared with noon light which, in March, will be more or less overhead, making topsides and undersides of aircraft studies in high contrast.

In December, the lighting comes from a more southerly direction. During the morning in December, due to the slant of the runway, the sun is directly behind the observer- absolutely ideal photographic conditions. In March at noontime, the sun will  be more overhead, and be from behind and to the right if you are stationed at Sites A, B and C. So, the aircraft flying to your port 90 degrees should be illuminated best.

In the afternoon in December, due to the slant of the runway, the sun is directly behind the observer if one shoots from Sites D and Site E. In March, the light will be from behind and to the left, making planes flying to the starboard 90 degrees the best pick.

If the weather is great, the photography will be spectacular.

This is the a flying display timetable with some rehearsal slots thrown in:
(cribbed from Mir at the Malaysianwings forum)

Saturday 23rd March 2013 (rehearsal)

0830- 0900h


Sunday 24th March 2013 (rehearsal)

0830- 0900h


23-25 March (Rehearsal) : 0830-0900 & 1220-1400

Monday 25th March 2013 (rehearsal)

0830- 0900h


Tuesday 26th March 2013 (trade day)

0830-0900h- opening flypast

1220- 1400h

Wednesday 27th March 2013 (trade day)

1220 - 1400h

Thursday 28th March 2013 (trade day)

1220 - 1400h

Friday 29th March 2013 (public day)



Saturday 30th March 2013 (public day)



The naval display timetable is as follows:

23-25 March (Rehearsal) : 1030-1130, 1500-1600, 1630-1800

26 March (Opening) : 1030-1130, 1500-1600, 1630-1800

27 March : 1030-1130 & 1630-1800

28 March : 1030-1130 & 1500-1600

29-30 March : 0950-1130 & 1420-1600


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